Kayla took creatine hcl for 30 days and this happened (Transformation)

Kayla took creatine hcl for 30 days and this happened (Transformation)


“I wish I started taking this sooner.

I first heard about creatine back in high school but thought it was a steroid cause only the weight lifting guys took it. Boy was I wrong. Six months ago it started popping up on my TikTok FYP so I decided to research more and what I found surprised me. 

I learned that creatine is naturally produced in our body, can make you quite toned, and that there are creatine supplements that avoid side-effects (such as bloating)! So, I gave it a try.

After searching and searching for a good version of creatine, I landed on Creatine HCL Pills because they were pills (not a gross sandy powder) and they would give me the muscle gains I was looking for while avoiding bloating or the loading phase (where you take 3 extra servings per day for a week to speed up the results).

My goal was to grow my lower body, get more toned and be stronger. Here was my experience:

Week 1: Didn’t notice a huge difference in how I looked, just became more thirsty for water during the day.

Week 2: After about 2 weeks of taking it daily I started noticing my lower body (what I mostly exercise) was becoming more defined and plump. It was actually crazy to see how fast the results came in considering I thought it would take 2 months.


Week 3: By week 3 I was bumping up the weights and lifting heavier (going from 300 to 330lbs on leg press). I began looking more muscular in a sexy way. Plump, Juicy.

Week 4: Girl I don’t think I could live without this. After one month in, I felt like a different person. My lower body looks more curvy, and my upper body got more toned with me only spending 2 days a week on it! 

As you can see from the photos side by side, my body definitely transformed. I’m not a huge supplement girl but this plus pre workout and protein are now essentials for me. 

Here are my takeaways:

Women need to be taking Creatine HCL.

Taking Creatine HCL for a month made me toned, curvy and muscular in a sexy way. Wow! I am so impressed with how I look compared to before, I am going to keep taking this.

Pros: Transformed body from average to toned and sexy muscular, feel stronger and lift heavier weights, no bloating, get compliments for your body :)

Cons: Have to drink plenty of water, gotta be consistent with working out to see results, and I had to pee a lot from all the water I drank.

If you are like I was, wanting to get toned but haven’t seen enough results from my workouts, I would start using Creatine HCL Pills… like yesterday!

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