Creatine HCL: What Is It And What Does It Do?

Creatine HCL: What Is It And What Does It Do?

The value of Creatine HCL and its benefits have been long proven and explained at great length. Creatine is one of the most commonly used supplements for all gym lovers, whether it’s powerlifting, bodybuilding, and everything in between. Now, different variants of creatine supplements are being used and manufactured on large scales to help get the best results. A creatine product that has been gaining some attention is Creatine HCL. With many manufacturers only selling HCL creatine, what is so special about it? Here are all the details about what it is, what it does, and is it worth trying:

What Is HCL Creatine?

The simplest explanation of HCL Creatine is in the name; it’s base Creatine with hydrochloride. However, it is much more complex on a molecular level and how it functions. Adding HCL increases the stability of Creatine and solves the key issues with creatine monohydrate that is widely sold and consumed. There are different benefits to adding HCL to Creatine, and they are both proven and verified by multiple authoritative sources.

How Is It Different From Other Creatine Types

To understand how HCl creatine is different from other types, one can simply look at what the Creatine is bonded with. This is the key differentiator in the variety and also the effects. Creatine molecules are either with a water molecule, as 100% creatine, or with HCl.  When the creatine product is formed, it can have monohydrate, HCL, or simply be pure Creatine. However, the last is also the most expensive.

The Creatine can also be differentiated based on how refined it is. Some creatine products are micronized, which means that they are processed on a deeper level to improve their solubility and better absorption. However, HCL creatine seems to do this a dozen times better with a different method of functioning. HCL creatine has better solubility due to its acidic nature. It easily dissolves in water and also is less likely to form clusters, gather as residue and stay separated from the solvent.

Other Types Vs. HCL Creatine

Before trying to buy Creatine, it is necessary to understand what the different types do. Like creatine monohydrate and Creatine, hydrochloride has different benefits and effects; all other types do as well.

As the topic of discussion is Creatine HCL, its benefits are discussed further.


What Does HCL Creatine Do?

To understand why even add HCL to Creatine, the previous effects must be known. While Creatine is an amazing product for energy, high-intensity workouts, and overall muscle growth, the previously produced types have turned out to have some issues with dissolution. This means that the solubility of creatine products has been an issue and HCL creatine directly targets that.

HCL creatine, instead of some other molecule, makes it extremely more soluble, and with better absorption, it is considered that time spent for Creatine to kick in is reduced. This also reduces all the effects of the other types that take more time to absorb and cause several issues because of that property.

Why Use HCL Creatine?

There are several benefits of using HCL creatine, and they can be divided into two categories:

  1. Specific Benefits

These are the benefits that are considered only for the people that have suffered side effects from other types of Creatine, including absorption-related issues. As other types are not suitable and possibly unhealthy to consume for people, HCL creatine might be just the solution they need.

  1. General Benefits

These are the benefits that are for everyone. These factors can simply show how and why HCL creatine is a good option to opt for and a considerable switch.


All the benefits of HCL creatine overlap and can be applied to anyone. The reason behind mentioning the two types is to educate people on how creatine types can affect some more than others. By observing and understanding, one can compare and find the best choice in the market.


5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Using HCL Creatine

There are numerous benefits of using HCL with Creatine. While at first glance, they all seem similar and set around the same point, they have big and precise differences. They are given as :

  1. It Is Better For The Stomach

HCL creatine is easier on the stomach. Due to its other properties like absorption and solubility, it doesn’t have any harsh impact and does not stress out a person’s digestive system like other products potentially can. It is easier for some people’s systems to ingest and does not ruin their day. People whose stomachs are easily affected by other types need HCL creatine the most. It removes the feeling of feeling bloating, heavier, and unable to move at the optimum pace due to the “loading time effect” that many creatine products have.

  1. Cramps And Intestinal Health

Research has shown that among hundreds to thousands of individuals, cramps have been a common issue for those who consume Creatine monohydrate. This appears to be a result of Creatine not fully dissolving in the intestines. The intestines serve to absorb the food into the bloodstream and, resultantly, the system. When the consumed product is not fully absorbed, it disturbs the system and might result in cramps. This is even true for micronized Creatine which is more processed and should be "more soluble ."The difference between HCL creatine makes it simply better for all of these factors.

  1. Less Puffiness And Water Retention

This is especially crucial for professionals and people who are much more conscious about retaining an extremely lean physique. Creatine products can cause water retention both in the intestines and under the skin. This can cause the person to not only feel bloat but also decrease the cuts and give a more rounded shape which is not the goal. To avoid these issues, HCL creatine is the best as it has more than 35 times the absorption capacity and is least likely to ever cause these issues.

  1. Concentrated And Effective

Creatine HCl is much more effective compared to other types and requires a much smaller dose to have the same effect. This is also related to its absorption property and how it can have the same effect as other creatine products while having a significantly less amount being consumed.

  1. Better Workouts?

All the above-mentioned factors contribute to having a better workout with HCL creatine. As Creatine directly affects intensity, having it disrupt flows is a pointless yet detrimental side effect. When HCL changes all of that with the same results, then why not shift?

Misconceptions About Creatine

There are many different opinions about creatine products, and their side effects can be. A concept that is widely considered misconception is that Creatine causes dehydration. There have not been significant studies to prove this claim, and it does not have any solid connection to Creatine.

However, many people who consume Creatine monohydrate consider this a side effect of using it and, when shifting to HCL, might not experience the problem. While this is mostly tied to a person’s physiology, they should understand how a product fully affects one’s body and if any of its ingredients have effects that are specific to an individual.

Better Results or False Claims

Several claims have shown a similar trend where people have better muscle growth and overall results after switching to Creatine with hydrochloride. While there are not many studies to back the claim, the overall review of customers all over the world has been positive. That shows that HCL creatine might not only be competitive but potentially one of the best options in the market. Future studies can shine more light on the subject, and till then, one thing is for sure: HCL creatine is as effective as other products but without the downsides.

Final Thoughts

Creatine has become a must-have supplement in the diet of both recreational and professional bodybuilders. When choosing it, it is best to check all the details and know what is being bought. The benefits of HCL creatine show why it is preferred by many professionals and is quickly gaining more and more popularity. While all these products can add additional benefits and are deeply important on a higher level, the best thing you can do for your progress is to select one program, one range, and one methodology and stick with it.

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