Psycho Sloth

Non-Artificial Fat Burner Capsules

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Pre Supplement Facts

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Psycho Sloth beet root green tea electrolytes l theanine

Capsule Instructions

Take 2 pills prior to exercise. Empty stomach will give you a greater effect. If you have any questions, email us at

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Isabel Bennett
Finally a pre i trust!

I have tried many that made all sorts of claims like c4, but they did not work as advertised, and many gave me stomach cramps. Psycho sloth is so transparent with their ingredients! I have been using for two weeks now and no side effects 👍

Juan McCall
This is killer I actually feel no jitters

Energy boost i love the beet root

Sally Cantrell
Best supplement ever!!!!!❤️

I have to say psycho sloth is the best supplement I ever tried for pre workout!! I’m pulling more reps and adding more resistance, abs and squats with weights is just amazing! I don’t have any side effects that i do with other pre workout powders

Tyrone Read
Great pump Great Energy!

Pro's: Easy to swallow pills Energy levels are super high Great pumps Con's: None as of yet

Lance Munoz
Green Tea FTW!!!

Big green tea fan so when I saw that i had to try psycho sloth!! No complaints